Manos Macromallis

@ Chief Executive Officer, Excelon | President, SEKEE

I am a strategic, outcome-focused senior executive with over 20 years of experience in business, product development, and operations, leading growth and innovation in the competitive and dynamic financial services industry. As the CEO of Excelon, a regulated BaaS provider that offers advanced digital money services, including FIAT payment accounts, Mastercard, Crypto Wallet, and Exchange, I bring a real revolution in digital money by simplifying the customer experience and offering a complete mobile banking solution for individuals and businesses.

I have a strong track record of delivering reliable solutions to customers, increasing revenues, and achieving operational excellence using my analytical skills, entrepreneurial curiosity, and cooperative philosophy. I also have extensive experience and knowledge in the telecom and SaaS sectors, where I held several C-level positions and developed innovative solutions and traction for startups.

Additionally, I serve as the President of SEKEE, a non-profit association of high-tech companies.