Nikos Spanos

@ Big Data Engineer at Incelligent, MSc Business Analysis

I am an accomplished professional with a comprehensive background spanning Data Science, Big Data Engineering, and a strong aspiration for roles in Machine Learning and Software Engineering. With a solid foundation of two years as a Data Scientist at EY Greece and an additional two years as a Big Data Engineer, I have honed my expertise in leveraging data to drive business growth and innovation. My core focus is on creating applications that not only enhance business value but also effectively harness existing data resources.

My ambition lies in becoming a proficient Machine Learning Engineer and Software Engineer, where I can amalgamate my analytical acumen with a knack for building innovative solutions. I am driven by a commitment to craft predictive models, employing cutting-edge algorithms to solve intricate business challenges. My aspiration also extends to software development, where I seek to engineer user-centric applications that seamlessly integrate with existing systems, ultimately propelling organizational efficiency and growth.