Panagiotis Tournavitis

@ Cooperative Bank of Karditsa LLC, CEO

With over six years of experience as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Member of the Board of Directors of Cooperative Bank of Karditsa, I have been leading the strategic vision and operations of the bank, which is one of the pioneers and innovators of social finance and microfinance in Greece. I have been responsible for managing the bank’s assets, liabilities, risks, and performance, as well as developing and implementing new products and services that meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders, especially in the areas of social and solidarity economy, green economy, and local development.

As a qualified engineer and an MBA graduate, I have a strong background and expertise in techno-economic systems, sustainable development, and project management. I have also acquired multiple credentials and certifications, such as KNX Partner, Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, and Member of the Register of Experience of Manufacturers of Ministry of Environment and Waters, that demonstrate my technical and professional skills and knowledge. Furthermore, I have been actively involved in various national and international networks and organizations, such as the European Association of Co-operative Banks, the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks and Financiers, and the Task Force on Cooperative Affairs, where I have been contributing to the promotion and advocacy of cooperative banking and ethical finance in Europe and beyond. I am passionate about creating positive social and environmental impact through cooperative and ethical banking, and I am always eager to learn from and collaborate with others who share the same vision and values.