Stefan Winzenried

@ JANZZ TECHNOLOGY Zurich, Switzerland CEO/Founder

Stefan Winzenried has worked as a creative and strategic consultant in various offices and consulting companies in Switzerland,
Europe and the United States. After working as a senior producer for large agency networks, founded the strategy,
marketing and business communication advertising, art & ideas Ltd company, which he successfully managed for over 20 years as CEO
and CCO. The creation of in 2008 evolved out of experience advising clients that operate in a global
level in HR marketing, employer branding and strategic recruitment/sourcing, presenting a new challenge.

Stefan Winzenried and advise governments in various European countries, Asia and Latin America, as well
and international organizations such as the OECD, the World Bank Group, the International Labor Organization ILO or the Inter-American Development Bank
on labor markets and job creation proposing improvements in recruitment technologies and technologies that rely on artificial intelligence for labor markets.